Return and Refund Policy

Last updated March 22, 2024

We hope you are happy with your purchases made on Mapineo shop located on our website ( However, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may be eligible for a refund. Please see below for more information on our Return and Refund Policy.


You do not need to return the items you received as a result of our services or products, to receive a refund. Please follow the procedure for refunds.


By clicking “Buy Now” and completing a purchase, you agree that Sense-A Limited provides you with immediate access to any digital content and immediately commences any services as soon as you complete your purchase, without waiting the 14-day withdrawal period.

You are hereby informed, that provision of access to digital content and performance of services starts when you complete your purchase and you give your consent to the purchase being final.

Therefore, you expressly waive your right to withdraw from your purchase.


Option to refund your purchase is provided in addition to the aforementioned right of withdrawal.

We will only process refunds for a purchase, if your unique product code has not been used to access digital content. After you have used your unique product code, it is no longer possible to refund your purchased product or service. Therefore, you are no longer eligible for a refund, when you use your product code to access digital content.

You may request for a refund using e-mail at: After we receive your request for a refund, we will verify if your product code has been used, and if eligible, we will process your return.

Please allow at least thirty (30) days from the receipt of your request to process your return. Refunds may take 1-2 billing cycles to appear on your credit card statement, depending on your credit card company. We will notify you by email when your return has been processed.


In case our services result in you receiving a damaged physical product, please contact us immediately and no later than three (3) days from delivery at the contact details below with proof of damage to arrange a replacement.


If you have any questions concerning our Return and Refund Policy, please contact us at:

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